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  1. Lynda Lorenz says:

    Hello, a friend from Mary Jane’s Farmgirl forum recommended I check out your site about barn quilts. I live in southeast Missouri and we would like to do a similar project for our area to promote tourism. We live in a very rural area with quite a number of barns and it is an historic area of the Saxon German immigration of 1839. So we have the history and culture to use, but we are not sure exactly what we need to do first to get started. We have ideas and know what end result we are looking for, but what is the first thing we need to do? How long is the planning and organizing process? Who do we need to start talking to first: farmers, city officials, quilt guilds, art councils, 4-H clubs, etc? Is there someone with your organization that I could chat with? My phone number is 573-824-5404, my email address is

    We were thinking of kicking this off next May, but after looking at your brochure and such, that may not be enough time. We realize we won’t be able to start off with the number of quilts you have, but were hoping to have at least 6 to start with; too few? Your input and suggestions would be most helpful and welcomed. Thank you for your consideration. God bless.

    In His hands,
    Lynda Lorenz
    Frohna, MO

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