Grandmother’s Cross

Margaret’s Hope Chest is a quilting non-profit started by Carin Vogelzang in memory of her grandmother, Margaret Herrema of Grand Rapids, MI who died tragically in 2005. Mrs. Herrema was born and raised in Osceola County, and did quilting for charity. Carol Peters, Margaret’s daughter,is now the co-director of Margaret’s Hope Chest, along with her daughter Carin.
Carol and Carin wanted to do something in Osceola County in memory of Margaret, since it was her birthplace, so they contacted us at the Quilt Trail about donating a quilt block in her memory. Carol’s cousins, Ben and Nella Eisenga, graciously allowed the quilt block to be placed on their barn on 100th Avenue.


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Coordinator of Osceola County, Michigan Quilt Trail.
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One Response to Grandmother’s Cross

  1. Carol Peters says:

    A very big thank-you to Elsie and Cindy for making this block come to life, and another thank-you to Ben and Nella for allowing us to put this block on their property. We had a great time yesterday at the farm for the hanging of grandmother’s cross in memory of mom and grandma, and maybe our work for Margaret’s Hope Chest will eventually gain new volunteers as people view the block and read our story.
    Carol Peters, Carin Vogelzang, and the Herrema family everywhere

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