Love of Art

The Osceola League for Arts and Humanities studio/gallery in Evart, MI recently installed this quilt block on the front of their buiding. It is actually two mirror image blocks angled out a bit from the building at the point where they meet, so they can be seen more easily from both directions as you drive down the street. Here’s what they say about it:

We have decided to name our quilt block “Love of Art”
Two OLAH Studio quilt blocks were installed November 28, 2011, at 207 N. Main Street in Evart, Michigan.
The Osceola League for Arts and Humanities chose this block design for several reasons.
The pink heart symbolizes OLAH’s love of art. The blue surrounding the heart expresses tranquility.
The purple bud represents artists who are just realizing their potential. The green leaves depict artistic growth.
The yellow border promotes a sunny outlook on life. Take time to enjoy the art that surrounds us !

The Studio is all set up for the annual Christmas Gift Shop.


About osceolaquilttrail

Coordinator of Osceola County, Michigan Quilt Trail.
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