Heart of a Champion

The Reed City High School art teacher contacted us about doing a unit on the quilt trail with her art classes. We were able to offer the school a quilt block with the MCACA grant as well. Approximately 80 students learned something about quilting, quilting history, and the quilt trail. As part of their project, each student created a 12″ quilt block on canvas board. A few of them are pictured here.

A contest was held to choose the block for the school. It was won by student Heidi Pemberton, and is in memory of two beloved teachers who left them way too early.
“Matt “Sunny” Sunderlin – His slogan was “Heart of a Champion” which is the name of the block. He passed away in 2010. He was 40 years old.
The other teacher is Angie Pontz. The hearts on the design are in remembrance of her and her work with the American Heart Association. She
died of a brain aneurism this past fall.”

The block is installed on the press box, facing the student parking lot.


About osceolaquilttrail

Coordinator of Osceola County, Michigan Quilt Trail.
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