Pine River

We are excited to report that block #50 is now up. It’s located on the Tustin Community Library/Burdell Township building at 310 S. Neilsen St, Tustin. Sandie, the librarian wrote this little story of the significance of the block: “This original nature inspired quilt block was chosen by Burdell Township and the Village of Tustin to represent the headwaters to the Pine River.  The cool, sparking waters of the river have been a most important part of this area since the very first settlers discovered the beauty of the stream winding through the pine forest.  From bubbling springs, Diamond and Hewitt Lakes in Burdell Township are fed, and Edgett Creek flows through the Village of Tustin into the east branch of the Pine River.  The Pine River Quilt Block represents the Tustin area well.”
Coincidentally, new “colors” went up at the same time, so not only do they have a new quilt block, but also new flags.


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