Feathered Star

Located on the Woods-Bluhm centennial farm at 2640 200th Ave., Reed City, this Feathered Star block makes a bright splash on this old weathered barn. I’ll let Wava Woods tell you the story behind it:
“I liked the design and it reminded me of the several feather ticks that I have inherited from grand parents and great grand parents that we have cleaned and then made into pillows. We will never run out of real down feather pillows and we even have a feather Christmas tree that was made out of the longer feathers with the quill. These longer feathers have been dyed green, put on a pole and wooden stand about 3 feet tall. Must have been the beginning of artificial Christmas trees. Old German families were always very conservative and nothing went to waste. The Blum or Bluhm place is my Paternal Great Grand parents Centennial Farm Barn. Blum the spelling they used German pronunciation but their children all changed it to the English sounding and spelling of Bluhm. The round cream color reminds me of our Moon Lit Woods Family Farm. The darker Purple edge of the moon is the night sky. The Star in the middle is a variation of the Stars we aleady have on several of our other barns. The points of the star represent individuals of our family. The feathers or their variation of a tree can be the Woods in the name. A well rounded depiction our family.”


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Coordinator of Osceola County, Michigan Quilt Trail.
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